Wonderland Trail

cover photo
Aug 14, 2016 - Aug 21, 2016

A classic hike for the ages. 7 nights circumnavigating Mt Rainier through incomparable natural beauty. Even with a crowded trail and packed campsites, this easily ranks in my top 5 and I'm confident it will remain so forever.

Rather than trying to describe it in great detail, I'll simply note the campsites used each night for future reference. The permit system basically dictates what sites you stay at each night, which in turn dictates your daily mileage. I had little choice in the matter since I came at one the busiest months of one of the busiest (so far) years in the park. In fact I barely secured a reservation and had to waste 2 days in the area until my time came.

  1. Mowich Lake to South Mowich River
    One of 4 primary trailheads - crowded

  2. North Puyallup River
    Close to river - nothing special

  3. Devil's Dream
    Arrived after dark - no views

  4. Nickel Creek
    Food cache pickup at Longmire
    Cosy - no views other than creek

  5. Indian Bar
    One of the best - stayed in the group camp brick cabin

  6. White River Campground
    Food cache pickup
    Crowded and full of car campers - lame

  7. Mystic Lake

DifficultyClass 1
Distance93 miles
Highest Elevation6500 ft
JurisdictionMt Rainier National Park
TrailheadMowich Lake Campground