North Entiat River

cover photo
Oct 08, 2016 - Oct 09, 2016

A short one nighter of what was supposed to be a 2 night loop in the North Entiat River area. Erik H. & I were both unprepared for the snowy & rainy conditions. Items missing: snow gear, snow boots, 4-season tent, extra wool socks, etc.

After a wet 2 mile hike through deep & wet snow, decided to make camp at a trail junction to await better weather. Spent a good 2 hours building a fire, then another 2 trying to enjoy its heat under a tarp with increasingly hard rain.

Attempted to pitch tents on the driest patch of snow available.

In the morning, my container holding stove was frozen shut. Luckily Erik's was functional.

Without visible trails and poor maps, Decided to call it a trip instead of attempting to navigate by compass in unknown snowy terrain. Weather warmed nicely on the way out and managed to get good views of the Larches in fall colors.

A fun experience and good learning opportunity.

Attempted Route
DifficultyClass 1
Distance~4 miles
Highest Elevation6400 ft
JurisdictionEntiat Ranger District
MapGreen Trails - Lucern
TrailheadFSR 5606