Ladies Pass

cover photo
May 29, 2015 - May 31, 2015

Trek through Alpine Lakes Wilderness - Lake Margaret - Ladies Pass - Lake Edna

Early season hike through snowy alpine lakes region. Started at Icicle Creek then up Frosty Creek trail. Midway up, strong rain quickly turned to hail and flooded the trail, making for wet feet. By the time I reached Lake Margaret, set up tent on snow covered ground & took much needed shelter.

Next day sunny skies and reached alpine territory past Lake Mary where snow made navigation by map necessary. Did not own a hand compass at the time so was using iPhone's! Some sketchy scrambling put me in some uncomfortably steep terrain causing me to crab walk & crawl until I reached snow. Finally found the way up the pass and around to Ladies Pass. Sweeping views around Cape Horn and down steep snow to frozen Lake Edna.

Spent a lot of energy searching for the trail down to Chatter Creek but after a few hours found a good spot for camp and dried damp clothes. Next morning, explored the area without pack for the trail down the creek, but after a few hours decided it was safer to return the way I came. Made good time but tried to hurry to beat the sunset and feet were badly blistered. By the time I reached the road, had to walk the mile back to the car shoeless. Fortunately a passing ranger gave me a ride & saved me some pain.

Didn't see a single person the entire trip!

DifficultyClass 1
Distance20 miles
Highest ElevationCape Horn (6800 ft)
JurisdictionWenatchee National Forest
TrailheadIcicle Creek